Alize and a Spooky Nostalgic Night In

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

As October approaches its end we become all too aware of that sweet tooth that we've been trying to ignore for three hundred and sixty or so days. The store shelves are covered with large bags of candy and some how they put together an assortment of all of our faves. Though we might have gone to the grocery for a head of romaine, heirloom tomatoes, plain 0% fat greek yogurt and nut butter, here we stand in line with the bag of candy that called to us from that aisle we usually do our best to steer clear of.

However this year October 31st will be a bit different for most of us. There will be no little ones dressed like Anna and Elsa, Baby Yoda, The Black Panther or Harry Potter knocking on our doors to threaten us with tricks if we don't give them treats. I know, I know we were counting on them to help us "Expecto Patronum" to disappear the candy that we have already been dipping into. But don't worry your girls have got your back. Grab a bottle of your favorite Alize, ok better yet make it two or three. We have a brilliant idea. Ahahah!

Saturday night, get together with your roommates, or keep it small and intimate with just your "quarantine crew". We are having a spooky nostalgic movie night in, this All Hallows Eve. What goes better with candy than cocktails, that is cocktails with Alize. We decided to do a double feature with The Witches classic from 1990 and the 2020 reboot. But we couldn't just do a double feature with the movies without doing a double feature with our Alize cocktails now could we.

First up we have the Red and Spooky, keeping it classic with only two ingredients.

2 Parts Alize Red

1 Part Soda Water

Garnished with Luvspun Floss Fruit Punch cotton candy and spiders (of course not real spiders). The Alize Red and Spooky is Astin's favorite, I can't get past the spiders, fake though they may be.

My favorite is round two, we call this one Witches Brew.

1 Part Alize Bleu

2 Parts Alize Red

1 Part Vodka (I like Żubrówka, because it adds a bit of spice)

A Splash of Club Soda

Make it even better with a candy corn rimmed glass and top with Luvspun Floss to give it the appearance of a Bubbling Brew. And mixing the Alize Red with the Alize Bleu gives you an awesome deep Purple.

We hope you'll join us and have a Spooky Night In with Alize this Saturday October 31st. 2020 has been a year of the history books and we all deserve a little sweet indulgence. So get together with your quarantine crew, grab that bag of candy and your favorite Alize, or maybe one you haven't tried yet, find a fun movie to stream and we're sure you'll have a great night.

Drop us a line and tell us how you enjoyed our favorite Alize creations and share with us your favorite Alize cocktails. We'll be waiting, Muhahahaha!

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